Development Solutions

Why own a development team when you can rent one?

  • Development teams are expensive to keep.
  • They’re difficult to attract.
  • They’re pricey to train.
  • They’re impossible to retain.
  • Benefits are a hassle.
  • Current expertise is hard to find.
  • One snowy day can kill project progress.

Improve your ROI — rent your development team from ThoughtSynth.

Product Solutions

Do you need some product work?

  • The Internet-of-Things is here.
  • Your product needs to be Internet-aware to remain competitive.
  • We produce full-stack embedded systems.
  • We can give your product an Internet-of-things refresh.
  • We can use modern hardware to improve your existing product.
  • We can Web-enable your product.
  • We work with SOMs as well as devices like the Raspberry Pi, CHIP, Arduino, Gizmo, and Tessel.
  • We have full product development experience.
  • We are involved with many Open Source Projects

Let ThoughtSynth create your Internet-of-Things product for you.

Technology Solutions

What’s your IO plan?

  • New input/output technology is exploding.
  • If you’re not planning for it, you’re falling behind.
  • We work with mobile devices.
  • We work with output devices like the Oculus Rift, FOVE, & Google Glass.
  • We work with input devices like the LEAPMotion, WiiMote, & Razer Hydra.
  • We work with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), vector graphics, & 3D.
  • We work with cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and enabling technology like Blockchain.
  • We provide expertise so you don’t have to.

Let ThoughtSynth help you modernize your product.

Input/Output Examples

This site itself serves as an example of some of our experience with modern I/O devices. A swish gesture with your touch-enabled device (like a phone or tablet), a swish in the air with your LEAPMotion, or even a D-Pad left or right motion on your Wii will go forward and back through these individual panels.