Manager’s Area

So, you need to develop or modify a product.

Maybe you’re trying to breathe new life into an existing product line by Internet enabling it. Maybe you’re making a new product that needs a Web page for customer configuration. Maybe you’re trying to reduce cost by taking advantage of modern hardware. Maybe you’re just looking to give your product more appeal by adding cutting-edge features.

We can help.

You don’t need a full-time development staff when you hire ThoughtSynth. Our experienced developers are not just familiar with the latest technologies and best practices, they are familiar with the whole product development process and have worked in regulated environments. Our team can help you create your new product or enhance your old one.

We also train.

Maybe you have a staff of maintenance developers but cannot attract and retain a full-time team with the skill set needed to create new, competitive products. Besides helping you design and build your new products, we can help train your existing staff to take on the maintenance duties required for your new line.

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